Internet dating for idiots

06 Sep

I recently read the results of a national survey, which listed estate agents as one of the most despised people among society, sitting comfortably below ticket inspectors.

In fact, I’m convinced the only prerequisite an Estate Agent is required to have is the means to access an oversized polyester suit and a can of Lynx.I guess that would also explain why there’s an increasing amount of us choosing to sell our homes privately via those ‘hip’ new online estate agents, like Puplebricks.Not only do they provide a solution that’s a buttload cheaper than the traditional high-street agent, but their ‘business model’ gives the selling power and control to the vendor, which eradicates the need of a agent.It’s extremely difficult to claim anything against Estate Agents, unless they do something blatantly illegal.It’s amazing how British consumers have more rights when buying a tin of baked beans when compared to spending tens of thousands of pounds on bricks and mortar. Needless to say, Estate agents aren’t short of a trick or two.