Wireless network not validating

07 Oct

Network security has become something of a dynamic art form, with new dangers appearing as fast as the black hats can exploit vulnerabilities in software, hardware and even users.However, there are some basic 'golden rules' of network security that can make life a lot more difficult for the bad guys.We are investigating emerging wireless technologies such as extremely high frequency communication for 5G and wireless LAN and Visible Light Communication, which promise to increase wireless data rates by an order of magnitude or more.Our work on capacity improvements aslo focuses on topics such as ultra-dense networks, intelligent interference management, cooperative coding and network coding, improved medium access control mechanisms that make use of advanced physical layer technologies such as MIMO, successive interference cancellation, etc.

Currently, our scientific work focuses on the following three general areas: Any network has a structure and needs protocols to achieve its objectives.Furthermore, we implement our theoretical ideas and make the prototypes available to the public, either directly or through our commercial partners.An important focus of our work is on the systems side of networks.This research area targets the following objectives: Scientific Director of "Wireless Networking": Joerg Widmer.Given the scarcity of wireless spectrum resources and the rising demand for mobile applications, optimizing wireless communication and improving wireless network architectures is currently one of the most important and challenging research topics in networking.