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01 Nov

RHQ/RRF/1363 19th September 2011 OFFICERS ANNUAL REGTL DINNER The Officers Annual Regimental Dinner will be held at HM The Tower of London at 1930 hours . Ticket prices remain unchanged from 2009 (inflation busting) and are available through Capt Andy Harris at RHQ, Tel: 02.

All serving and retired Fusilier Officers are encouraged to attend what promises to be another splendid evening.

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As with all projects of this type it is impossible to please all of the people all of the time.By the end of the 2 years, however, the Fusiliers knew the Plain inside out, and it was always brilliant to see new Company Commanders stressed on their course asking junior Fusiliers how to attack a position.The handover to 2 Royal Welsh on 29 July marked the end of this time.During these exercises, the Battalion played the parts of insurgents and local nationals, wearing Afghan clothing while conducting pre-planned serials to test the exercising troops.By providing a pattern of life and serials for the exercising troops, the Fusiliers, be they farmers, builders, mullahs or washing machine salesmen, gave the troops about to deploy to Afghanistan the best possible environment in which to train.