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10 May

Another big reason: “As Adventists, as a people who carry a very special message for our world, I feel that our message will only be as strong as our families are,” says Hyman.“Ellen White, in [But] dating, for a Christian, can be hard.“After a soul-stirring sermon at church many folks, from across the country, expressed to me that it was hard to ask someone out, so my colleagues and I created a healthy environment to do so through upscale, interactive events and actual matchmaking/coaching.” So what is The Scott Firm?According to founder Scott, “it’s a premiere faith-based relationship firm that helps people in these stages of their life: dating, engagement, and marriage.” Scott has been matchmaking for more than three years, and The Scott Firm was birthed more than a year ago.Below are brief interviews with the creators of three different Adventist dating sites, which offer three unique approaches.“I started The Scott Firm because Christians really don’t have a way to meet other people of faith who desire healthy, happy, and holy relationships,” explains Brandon Scott.

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“At The Scott Firm we can validate each person’s real expectations, values, love languages, nonnegotiables, life goals, dating trends, and physical preferences—saving each person an average of one year of dating the wrong person(s).” Scott, taking Genesis to heart, believes this service is helpful to Advent-ists.

The Consuegras also point out that the word “single” doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone.

As one young adult shared with them: “I’m not single. I’m just not married yet.” Unequivocally, being single isn’t a bad thing.

A glance through the Bible bears witness to the fact that singles do extraordinary things—and can sometimes serve God more wholly than those with spouses and/or children.

A list of outstanding Bible singles might include Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Martha, Lazarus, Miriam, Elijah, Jeremiah, Lydia, and Paul.