Ben silverman dating

11 Jan

This has forced them to spend extravagantly to make shows that rise above the clutter (and to fill out their lineups with cheaper reality shows instead of reruns).But while the cost of running a network has never been higher, ratings hit historic lows this spring and summer.It has finished fourth for three straight years, a slump that has cost corporate parent GE about a billion dollars in ad sales.

NBC, to borrow the title from one of Silverman's own shows, is the Biggest Loser.He grew up on Manhattan's Upper West Side with a TV-executive mother and composer father and spent a lot of time home alone watching television.He cites NBC's The Cosby Show, Family Ties, and Knight Rider as childhood favorites (though one wonders if that list would have included Three's Company if he were currently running ABC)."It was sick," says Silverman, who greeted his six hundred guests in a silver Dolce & Gabbana suit and shut the place down around a.m."You looked around and saw so many beautiful women.