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' To find out other theories about its origin and also to see some photos, check out: Calle de los Suspiros. Museo Portugu├ęs (Portuguese Museum) This Portuguese house dates back to 1720 with some Spanish influence added at the end of the same century.

It displays 18th century furniture and ceramics as well as weapons that the Portuguese and Spanish used at the time.

Once where a factory was, the only remaining part is a tall brick chimney.

The area now contains a cultural center and if for whatever reason you cannot enter - you need to go through the cultural center's doors - you can get another great view from the yachting club wharf.

The house has been restored to recreate the way people lived in the colonial period. Museo Municipal (Council Museum) Another Portuguese construction dating to the first half of the 18th century, this building had a second floor added to it in the Spanish period (1801).

The building was known as Admiral Brown's house but he may never have actually owned it, just used it. Casa del Virrey (Viceroy's House) Ruins of the magnificent Portuguese House of the Virrey. Museo del Azulejo (The Tile Museum) If you like tiles or collect them yourself, then you will want to visit this museum dedicated exclusively to tiles.

Schaber Sacramento County Courthouse or you can contact the California Department of Justice On October 1, 2013 the Sacramento Superior Court began charging public entities the statutory fee rate for regular and certified copies in criminal and traffic cases.

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For more information, some photos and a video from the top of the lighthouse, check out our Lighthouse of Colonia page. Museo Casa Nacarello (Nacarello's House Museum) This Portuguese house dates back to the beginning of the 18th century still has its original stone walls and floor.For non-criminal cases, local and state entities outside of California will be charged for regular and certified copies.The fees have been implemented pursuant to Government Code Sections 7063 If you need to speak with someone you may call 916-874-8881.You will be notified (by mail or phone) should the cost exceed .00.Checks and money orders should be made payable to "Sacramento Superior Court" and mailed to: Sacramento Superior Court 720 9th Street, Room 101 Sacramento, CA 95814 Attention: Criminal Correspondence Unit.