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10 Mar

"We all have the right to free speech and to express our opinion, but that right doesn't allow us or protect us from threatening a group of people or promoting hatred against this specific group," says Martin.

Outcomes include an increase in reporting of hate-motivated incidents, increased visibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans realities in police service policies, procedures and training; police participation in many community events and, above all, informed and sensitive responses to members of the LGBT communities by an increasing number of officers. Stereotypes break down when individuals engage in dialogue and come to know and trust one another as caring, committed, respectful and respect-worthy human beings. Terms of Reference A range of activities mark Pride Week in August.

The Liaison Committee, one of the first of its kind in Canada, consists of community, police and other criminal justice system representatives and is open to anyone who wants to participate.

It is co-chaired by community and police representatives.

"It sucks that we're not allowed to have whatever we want," says Miller.

"They can have a gay flag or a parade, but we can't have a shirt?