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16 Dec

As far as what my views are on filesharing, well, people probably know by now. I do believe in supporting artists whose work you enjoy, though.Generally speaking though I don't view the problems associated with internet copyright as "good" or "bad", just as an evolution that people are going to have to adjust to.----- Jeremiah Johnson wrote: From where i am sitting it feels like your slowly choking your members me included, by pushing this Movie down our throats at every given opportunity.... GIMP Poll: Two posts so far in 2012, and two responses to polls.How much would you be willing to spend in one month on fetish entertainment?

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---------- Got time to answer the poll question so: I'm turned off by black eyes and bruises on a victim.

But to use the excuse that it would cost him too much doesn't exactly hold water, does it? No one is judging you, we're just trying to get a well-rounded consensus.

My personal answer is that I seldom ever buy memberships, but I think is reasonable for those. The rape videos that sold for apiece from Hardcore Abductions weren't worth it.

In the past, I'd have no problem spending over 0 a month on GIMP-related material.

But times have definitely changed in my life, especially the priorities for my finances.