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18 Oct

“Every incarnation we have a temporary name, but you also have a real cosmic name.”Next month, Ms Lukyanova will give a two-day seminar in Moscow involving group meditation and lifestyle advice on “being sincere with oneself” and “finding a life partner”.

Entrance is £60, but she is not in it for the money, she says.

“My exterior look is a reflection of my spiritual, interior qualities,” she says.

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Glossy magazines and tabloids the world over have begun to follow her every step as relayed on her online blogs and she has become the most prominent member of a new movement of “living dolls” that has emerged in Odessa, a hypersexualised Ukrainian port city of cafés filled with Western internet-bride hunters and hedonistic beach clubs.

She slightly inclines her thin, fragile neck in a dainty gesture of greeting and chirps a “hello” in Russian.

To her followers, she is the spiritual leader Amatue, named after the Goddess of the Sun, and brings light into their lives.

It is not linked to any religion, though she admits it draws much from Buddhism.

She found out her “real” name, Amatue, while meditating.