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16 May

Last Update: 10/6/2017 Here are some resources for free internet security software from major vendors. Most users pick and choose programs from the various categories below to create their own free Internet security suite. – Zone Alarm Free – Free Firewall & Anti-virus, plus proactive security – PC Tools Firewall Plus agnitum – Outpost Internet Security Suite is one of the few free suites. Free Antispyware Software These utilities are mainly useful when you have been infected with malware and need to ensure that you have remove all traces of it. Malwarebytes – Designed to clean out all types of malicious malware.Most of the software is free for home users, while businesses need to purchase a license. agnitum – Outpost Internet Security Suite is one of the few free suites. Free Antivirus Download Free PC Antivirus Download that scans and repairs files. Norman – Free malware cleaner Spybot – One of the first anti-spyware apps that has faded in popularity.Disk Image is a program which allows the user to create a complete mirror image of their hard drive.

PC & Tech Authority stated they were impressed with the software because none of their files were missing and all of their applications worked right away.

PCmover Image & Drive Assistant will restore an image of an old Windows PC or hard drive to a new PC that has a different Windows operating system complete with all files, settings, and programs without overwriting anything on the new PC, including the operating system. It allows a user to migrate all of their files, personalized settings, and applications from an old PC to a new PC.

PCmover Home has several limitations: the old PC cannot have more than one drive or partition, it only moves the logged on user, it does not support in-place upgrades, and it cannot restore an old PC image.

The physical (box0 version of PCmover Professional (labeled PCmover Ultimate) comes with a Laplink high-speed transfer cable and a copy of Laplink's Safe Erase software.

PCmover Windows 7 Upgrade Assistant was released in October 2009.