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21 Mar

She has also carefully avoided questions about why she hasn’t fired him, except to constantly describe House as “the best doctor we’ve got”.

Cuddy is now Chief Administrator and Dean of Medicine of PPTH. However, her number one problem is still Gregory House, who regularly abuses his teaching fellows, constantly disregards hospital protocol, chooses which cases he will work on, doesn’t get as much in fees as he spends on staff and procedures, and (most importantly) hasn’t done any clinic duty in six years.

Over the summer, two MSU graduate students searched government websites, especially the website of the Office of Inspector General, looking for similar documents dating to 1998.

They found documents indicating a total trillion in undocumented adjustments over the 1998-2015 period.

(Luckily, the researchers downloaded and stored the documents.)Now, the Department of Defense has announced it will conduct the first department-wide, independent financial audit in its history (read the Dec. The Defense Department did not say specifically what led to the audit.

Given the Army’s 2 billion budget, that meant unsupported adjustments were 54 times spending authorized by Congress.Typically, such adjustments in public budgets are only a small fraction of authorized spending. “Maybe she meant .5 billion and not .5 trillion,” he said.“So I found the report myself and sure enough it was .5 trillion.”Skidmore and Fitts agreed to work together to investigate the issue further.(The original government documents and a report describing the issue can be found here.)In a Dec.8 Forbes column he co-authored with Laurence Kotlikoff, Skidmore said the “gargantuan nature” of the undocumented federal spending “should be a great concern to all taxpayers.”“Taken together these reports point to a failure to comply with basic constitutional and legislative requirements for spending and disclosure,” the column concludes.