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17 Jan

I returned to my room to shower; brush my teeth, and freshen my breath; and sprayed about half of the cologne bottle on every inch of my skin, wishful thinking that a torrid kissing scene awaits for me in Berlin City Central.

John was the Berliner I imagined: Pale, cool, edgy, and in all black. I did not pre-imagine my first Berliner friend to be so friendly, charming, and helpful; that was truly a gift. I remembered I have not had anything to eat but the overpriced pretzel and macchiatto from the airport early in the morning. I went to the restaurant/lounge area and ordered something I thought would be quick and easy: pizza and wine.

When my pizza arrived after ten days, I immediately noticed it was dry and probably bland. It tasted like greasy cardboard with a dash of salt.

But not even the driest pizza and horrible hotel restaurant service could take me away from the excitement of speed dating a new city.

I momentarily closed my eyes and imagined to be in the midst of German vineyards.

I inhaled my complimentary pizza and wine so I could then set off to see the city.