Park han byul se7en dating

22 Mar

She's also shared photos of herself enjoying the city of Hanoi, Vietnam, where she's rumored to be vacationing with her significant other.

Pak Han Byul's agency has so far remained quiet about the dating rumors.

It was also announced that Park was currently 15 weeks pregnant.

The couple had met three years prior and entered a relationship sometime in the beginning of 2017.

'The Fact' says they talked to one of the actress's reps, who revealed, "After confirming with Park Han Byul, we found out that she and Jung Eun Woo became close while filming together.

They naturally began to grow feelings for one another and the two became a couple." A rep from Jun Eun Woo's side is said to have told 'The Fact' the same thing.

Congratulations Han Byul unnie :) ; a lot of ppl date get married have kids and divorce in 12 years. So it's understandable that problem arise then people search for new love.

I don't like how people think the guy is bad or se7en is bad.