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30 Sep

“Racial Nationalism”, when Renegade itself is festooned with Non Whites, Half-Breed Hosts and Transsexual Chasing Hosts and Hosts who have called for the abortion of their own child while talking about the “need to increase birth rates on air”.

Likewise Renegade has had entire “Roundtable discussions whereby they have said on air that a person need only “feel, act, and look like an Aryan to be an Aryan”.

Get ready to improve teacher effectiveness, student achievement, school safety, mental health wellness, social media responsibility, and parent involvement.

Gurian training is not an expensive new curriculum.

“This is one of the best PDs I have had after 18 years of teaching.

So much of it is repetitive ‘how-to’ information with new names to old ideas.

In the case of Hoban and “Zack Harbinger”, they attempt to infiltrate and mask themselves as some sort of “hardcore White Racialist”, and while attacking real White Racialists and spread disinformation and multiculturalism within the Racialist Movement as some sort of new and acceptable moderation, i.e.

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while they themselves conceal their own identity and racial creed.A photo of “Blutund Noden” provided by Renegade sources is currently being verified and will be posted later.Both Hoban and Zack Harbinger engage in tactics identical to those employed by Antifa.The applications are practical, user friendly, and do not require a huge investment of money or technology.” “The Gurian Institute’s approach teaches brain-based learning theory that recognizes gender differences in learning and combines the theory with effective strategies that bring out the best in both genders.Our implementation of the superb Gurian Institute methods proves that ALL students can achieve proficiency if teaching is directed at how they learn best.”“The Gurian team helped us with our children's social emotional development and social media responsibility in very practical and life-changing ways, hleping us understand the Next Gen.