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23 May

If possible, also bring familiar bedtime items such as a personal pillow or alarm clock.

According to a 2006 Career survey, one in four workers plan to work while on vacation.

If people do use vacation time, they end up taking laptops, PDAs, cell phones, and other work items with them on the trip.

To make matters worse, some people hit the sack at odd hours, and forgo good quality sleep to make the most of their vacation.

All the activities replacing good shut-eye may well be very valuable, but inadequate slumber can curtail enjoyment of them.

To make road travel more bearable, Robert Sinclair Jr., manager of media relations at AAA, recommends the following: In the rush to get trip-related errands, packing, and traveling done, many people stay up late and/or get up very early before a vacation, figuring they'll make up the sleep later on.

However, it can take one to three days to recover from a sleep deficit and to unwind from stress. So can the "first night effect" -- a common phenomenon in which travelers find it difficult to snooze the first few nights in a different place.