Updating a datatable updating pear

02 Feb

To bind Data Reader data to Grid View we need to write the code like as shown below: Data Set Data Set is a disconnected orient architecture that means there is no need of active connections during work with datasets and it is a collection of Data Tables and relations between tables. You can select data form tables, create views based on table and ask child rows over relations.

Also Data Set provides you with rich features like saving data as XML and loading XML data.

Dataadapter is a disconnected oriented architecture.

While these values can be provided manually, when using ad-hoc SQL statements any customizations will be overwritten when the Table Adapter Configuration wizard is completed.

Figure 8: The Table Adapter Includes Insert, Update, and Delete Capabilities (Click to view full-size image) With the insert, update, and delete stored procedures automatically created and the values. Before we create such a page, however, we need to first create a new class in the Business Logic Layer for working with employees from the _ Public Class Employees BLLWith Sprocs Private _employees Adapter As Employees Table Adapter = Nothing Protected Read Only Property Adapter() As Employees Table Adapter Get If _employees Adapter Is Nothing Then _employees Adapter = New Employees Table Adapter() End If Return _employees Adapter End Get End Property _ Public Function Delete Employee(By Val employee ID As Integer) As Boolean Dim rows Affected = Adapter.

After the stored procedure has been updated, we will need to update the Data Table so that it includes these additional columns. Start by going to the Server Explorer, drilling down into the Northwind database s Stored Procedures folder, and opening the SELECT Employees. Delete(employee ID) ' Return true if precisely one row was deleted, otherwise false Return rows Affected = 1 End Function End Class properties for the last four Bound Fields to Last Name, First Name, Manager s First Name, and Manager s Last Name, respectively.

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Data Reader Data Reader is used to read the data from database and it is a read and forward only connection oriented architecture during fetch the data from database.