Dating two guys

23 Nov

Getting out there If you’ve been caught up with your feelings about these two men it may take a while to move on.Keeping busy with hobbies, volunteering, socializing and spending time with friends can distract you, fill your time with enjoyable activities, and possibly lead to meeting someone new.I think this is petty behaviour and I would have been glad to have them both out of my life, except for the fact that I genuinely enjoyed hanging out with them.Should I swallow my pride and apologise to them both just to go out with them again?

If, however, you would like to be in a relationship you may find the following ways are a good way to meet someone.I hadn't actually said anything to either of them about going out with them both, so they assumed I was stringing them along.I told them that this was unfair because I was not actually in a relationship with either of them, and was therefore entitled to date as many people as I chose to, but they have accused me of some pretty nasty things and neither of them wants to go out with me anymore.As a single person, you are entitled to date as many people as you like, and kiss as many frogs as you need to, before you think you have found your prince. If they have accused you of things you believe are untrue, and have been disrespectful to you, I'm not sure why you continue to harbour the belief that there are no other interesting men in the city. If you don't want to look, swallow your pride, call these guys individually, and put across your case, if they are willing to listen. Hey Guys, I'm in my early twenties and I'm dating two guys right now. GUYS appreciate being told the "deal" even if it's hard to hear. ) Honesty and good communication are the key to any successful relationship.