Scott wolf paula devicq dating

07 Jul

“To be able to make people happy like that is great,” says Wolf, who grew up in West Orange, N.J., and graduated from George Washington University with a degree in finance.“When somebody is genuinely excited to have met you, in a minute, with a little exchange, you can make their day.” Fox has a very different take on fame.

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An anti-fan known as Ralph on the Web claims on his site that PO5’s heart-wrenching stories make him “physically ill”; yet he faithfully rates several installments for sappiness on his Ralph-o-Meter (ratings range from “settled stomach” to “heaving begins” to “emergency room”). “To value the opinion of somebody because they’re on TV seems absurd to me.

Says Wolf: “My mom is going to bawl when she sees this one! Each week 10 million viewers tune in to watch the trials and torments of the Salinger kids, a close-knit quintet of well-to-do orphans from San Francisco.

That’s not enough to rescue the three-year-old Fox Wednesday night drama from the nether regions of the Nielsens (PO5, as it’s known to diehard fans, ranked 63 out of 107 rated shows last week).

It was a relationship that I had and that I’m not in anymore.” More recently, Wolf was paired with recurring PO5 costar Paula Devicq, 31, who plays Charlie’s jilted fiancée, Kirsten.

The couple, who began dating a year ago and shared Wolf’s three-bedroom Los Angeles house, seemed the picture of compatibility in mid-January.