Naomi campbell and dating

01 Nov

He has long been a fan of the model, gushing over her in 2017 when he admitted that ‘Naomi Campbell is my favourite cover girl’.

She is in a good phase of her life now because she is living a big love story.’ The group on the yacht included Gordon Brown’s multi-millionaire environmental adviser, Johann Eliasch, and one of Naomi’s ex-suitors, Dubai playboy Badr Jafar.

'He thinks she is a goddess and Naomi believes she finally has found the right man.

She is now planning a really big party for Vlad, where we hope they will announce their engagement.‘Vlad is like Naomi in that he likes to have fun.

The tycoon is building the futuristic house – called Capital Hill and resembling something from TV’s Thunderbirds – in a pine forest near Moscow.

This architect’s impression shows the master-bedroom suite perched 60ft above the building for views over the forest canopy, with lifts running up three slender towers.