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19 Nov

Concerning this development, in its article the "Virgin Birth of Christ" the Catholic Encyclopedia ("CE") remarks: "A first class of writers have recourse to pagan mythology in order to account for the early Christian tradition concerning the virgin birth of Jesus.

(Robertson, CM, 297) In this regard, Joshua is Jesus in Greek, and both Mirzam and Miriam are equivalent to Mariam or Mary. 3137) relates: "Mary or Miriam='their rebellion.'" The Persians likewise believed that Joshua's mother was the Mosaic Miriam.

For a goddess to be 'parthenogenetic' thus means that she stands as a primordial creatrix, who requires no male partner to produce the cosmos, earth, life, matter and even other gods out of her own essence.

Plentiful evidence shows that in their earliest cults, before they were subsumed under patriarchal pantheons as the wives, sisters and daughters of male gods, various female deities of the ancient Mediterranean world were indeed considered self-generating, virgin creatrixes." Dr.

Pyeongchang is a small city in the mountains of South Korea, host to the XXIII Olympic Winter Games on Feb. Tickets and accommodation packages are on sale, exclusive of airfare, through the official U. Face the chilly challenge prepared with all the essential clothing, equipment, and gear and go to the right places to be rewarded with plenty of fish.

Tubing is one thing and old fashioned sledding is another.