Bowtech updating stryker crossbow Jonle video sex

08 Aug

This Center Pivot technology should provide less vibration, more stable cam travel (no leaning) and more energy to be transferred to the arrow.

If I can nail a squirrel with an arrow at 20 yards, I consider the bow to be “plenty fast!

Every crossbow manufacturer offers unique features and strong selling points for its products, and Stryker Crossbows has plenty of both.

Part of the Bow Tech family (a subsidiary of Savage Sports Corporation), Stryker Crossbows is offering the Stryke Zone 3.

” Bowhunters who have tried to hit an alerted gray or fox squirrel at 60 feet know what I’m talking about — and probably have left more broadheads stuck in unforgiving oaks than they care to admit.

The Stryke Zone 380 surprised them (and me) last season with three out of three hits at 20 yards.