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10 Apr

Xiu Li has appeared in a recent version of the influential Forbes Rich List as having a net worth in excess of two billion dollars.She and Mr Hawken were divorced in 2014, rather bizarrely because he was quoted as saying he did not enjoy the lifestyle of a billionaire, or the time they spent apart while she was on business in China.The Let's Rock the Moor festival in Cookham, near Maidenhead, on May 20 attracted thousands of 80s fans, despite the wet weather, with Rewind ('the big one' among the 80s music festivals in this area) set to bring 40,000 fans to Henley-on-Thames this weekend.

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In early 1992 the Chinese government began to look for alternative uses for a number of huge Cold War-era underground bomb shelters.

Joining forces with her younger brother, Xiu Li Dai, then living in London and married to British teacher Tony Hawken, formed Renhe Commercial Holdings, an investment company which started to transform several former military bunkers into shopping malls.

Profits were generated through shop rents and management lease deals and by 2008 Renhe had earned a listing on the Hong Kong stock exchange.

Because while Jaap Stam's team battled to their heroic 1-0 win over Fulham, in the boardroom the deal was being signed and sealed to sell a majority shareholding to Chinese billionaire sister and brother, Xiu Li Dai and Yongge Dai (right).

For the past six months, the current Thai owning consortium has reportedly been ready to sell a controlling interest.