Updating magellan roadmate 700

12 Dec

I understand that you would like to know when there would be a Map update release for RM 800.I am afraid that, currently we do not have any Map update for RM 800. Therefore, we request that you wait for the Map update.If you have further queries, please get back to us.Note: Kindly use the support request form to submit any further queries.When The roadmate 760 came out in June 2005, I paid top dollar for this unit with the understanding that it was able to be updated to newer maps later.They claimed every 18 months but it has now been 28 months and no update to be seen yet.

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POI inluded just OK but don't know how you would get everything in anyways.

I emailed Nelson Chan the CEO and The rep for their office and the head of customer servive refellini or something. The computer did state they at least opened my e-mail. At this point I want my money back from this unit so I can go buy a Garmin. For some STRANGE reason, I kind of suspect that BBB may have already heard about them. The update is now on a truck here in town "Out for Delivery". I tried to run the update, but it rejected my authorization code. I pointed out that the Magellan has a 13 digit serial number in the back (Starts with 0) and it shows this "0" in the info screen, but the update software seems to strip this "0" and makes it a 12 digit number. Could someone tell me if escalated means "threw out"? To date, I am out the money and they still have not even tried to contact me to fix the problem (System will not accept my activation code) I also question the Age of the update (Q3-2006 sure sounds old for a current update). What part of "IT DOES NOT WORK" do they not understand. It seems we must have been one of the first to have the issue with the leading "0" being left off when the software detected the unit's serial number. The problem is the map software automatically detects the serial number, but it drops the leading “0″ and makes it a 12 digit serial number instead of 13.

Since I am not home, UI guess I will have to go pick it up tomorrow or Friday. After spending over an hour on the phone and talking to two techs, I was told they would have to escalate my problem to the next level. One of the techs THINKS I am on the right track.... If Garmin actually supply working updates with minimal pain, my *60T may be up for sale REALLY SOON though I sure hate to saddle this problem onto another pour soul. Basically, I have not gotten any further with Magellan's technical service help desk after multiple, multiple calls, BUT I did send a FAX to the corporate headquarters just telling my whole delima and how frustrating it is to have a great unit with such poor customer support. You can not modify the serial number, it is detected by the software.

You can also contact ou Technical Support at 1-800-707-9971 for further assistance.

Here is what I received today as answer from Magellan Dear XXX, Your Email case 774630 has been Updated. This email is in response to your query about the Road Mate 800.