Steam validating system files

21 Oct

Regards, Galdring I turned off "HD Video", and that let me see the "Daedalic Entertainment" splash screen and new game title movie, but the performance is still poor.

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Hello Stabbey,it's great to hear that your game is working now.

Should the game be using about 50% of my CPU time and almost 1 GB of RAM? If by bit-number, you mean the one beside "Colour Depth", then yes, my display setting is using 32-bit colour, the same as the game. I got a suggestion from elsewhere to update my Video Drivers through Steam.

I did try updating my video drivers earlier, but my mistake was going to the manufacturer's website and looking for a new driver, but the one they had for download was older than the one I already had.

Some laptops and Desktop-PCs have both an integrated (weaker) graphics chip to save power/battery life and a more powerful discrete graphics.

In my example, my desktop PCs mainboard has an Intel HD graphics chipset and a dedicated Ge Force GTX 970.