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22 Sep

Some guys come across as awkward, creepy or sleazy simply by making small errors with their body language.No matter how many “funny lines” they learn to say to women, they are turning women off at a more fundamental and important level that cannot be overridden by hours in a conversation.Yet, these people are merely responding to the communication (the “body talk”) he is sending out.For instance, if a woman talks to a guy who, via his body language and tonality, appears wimpy, nervous, hesitant or lacking in self-esteem, she will naturally feel turned off by him because women are naturally attracted to confident men.Are you relaxed about the idea of making eye contact with her, or does your facial expression show that you’re feeling nervous inside?

So do your best to impress them and be different than the rest of the guys. But since women hold most of the power, whatever you do may not be enough in this losing battle — just do your best to be the best you.What you may not know is that Mehrabian’s studies focused specifically on what makes a person like or dislike someone based on their communication style.While he didn’t offer any advice on body language, Mehrabian concluded that even if a person could keep a conversation going, they would experience problems making friends or attracting someone if they were unaware of how to use body language to gain a positive response.Women are definitely impressed by a man who can engage them in an interesting two-way conversation that allows them to feel a wide variety of exciting and desirable emotions.Yet, a good conversation isn’t all about the words.