Dating jewish guys australia

05 Jul

This is despite the CAA survey finding the British public are rejecting prejudice, with a decline since a previous poll in 2015.

According to the poll, 65% of British Jews think the Government does not do enough to protect them, while 52% think the Crown Prosecution Service could do more.

Pictured right in 1988-89: Harold and Vivian Blumenthal Ms Blumenthal blamed Mr Corbyn for the shocking figure, saying he had allowed senior figures such as Ken Livingstone and Naz Shah to get away with hateful comments.

Last year, campaigners called on the former London mayor to be expelled from the party after he claimed Hitler was a Zionist, but he was suspended instead.

That came after Mrs Shah, MP for Bradford West, was forced to apologise for posting on Facebook that a 'solution for the Israel-Palestine conflict' was to relocate Israel to the US.

Ms Blumenthal, who lives in London, said: 'I'm not saying Corbyn is an anti-Semite but he gives so much ammunition to everybody who is.'Jew hate has entered the political mainstream.'A lot of people say Corbyn means well. He's called Hamas and Hezbollah his friends - organisations that want the annihilation of Jews.' A Labour spokesman said: 'The Labour Party campaigns against anti-Semitism, and condemns all anti-Semitic abuse.'That is why Jeremy Corbyn set up the Chakrabarti Inquiry into anti-Semitism.' Ms Blumenthal, who is a director of a property company, also voiced her fears about the rise in reports of anti-Semitic hate crime, which has surged 45 per cent since 2014.

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