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01 May

You know, although it might be tough to believe, we've got a pretty tough job.

But when we have the chance to interview incredibly talented and gorgeous women like Swiss model Patrizia Yanguela, it makes all the long, hard hours well worth it.

) and because I’m a private person sometimes (despite being a blogger).

I guess these guys didn’t talk much and the Frau’s friend always felt like she had to lead the conversation. But if you can get past their hard exterior the Swiss people are generally kind and loyal. Unwelcoming: yes, there is a lot of xenophobia in Switzerland.Were you looking for an app for single local Swiss?Why fuss with installing anything on your phone when the Swiss friends dating site is totally mobile friendly.However, if a guy were to do that for me, I'd be more than happy to eat in bed and would definitely enjoy it!" : Speaking Of, You're Known For Being A Fitness Model, So What's Your Typical Meal And/Or Day Look Like?