Protection pilot not updating

15 Feb

Appero is missing the boat by not allowing other sources than Foreflight As a first time user I have found out the the green color for traffic is difficult to see specially in congested areas because the green color of the sectional map in the background. Having foreflight combined with Stratus 2 allows me the ability to see most traffic and creating a safer environment. Thank You Humberto Stratus is a nice addition to my airplane panel considering My Saratoga is not equipped with a G 1000 or equal.

Brett, the Stratus 2S receiver is excellent for VFR use and it is extremely accurate and fast. For real time tactical information you would need weather radar or a Stormscope as the info on the Stratus could be many minutes old by the time it is displayed for the first time. I bought mine to use as a strategtic tool for a VFR flight from Connecticut to Alabama and back.You will likely find that the battery life of your ipad will be shorter than the battery life of the stratus - at least that is my experience.It works great for IFR from a situational awareness standpoint; just remember the weather is not real time like you'd get from an onboard radar system.You just need to make sure you have the right cable on board to connect your battery pack to the unit.The cable that comes with the stratus works just fine for this purpose.