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21 Apr

This translates to their physical appearances; Betty will be pretty but modest in dress, while Veronica will be Ms. As a rule, they will have different hair colors as per the Blonde, Brunette, Redhead trope. In a commonly-seen version, Betty is Archie's loyal comrade and usually his best friend, secretly pining for him while he (unaware of her feelings) is attracted only to Veronica, the sultry Ms. Betty, who wants Archie to be happy, may assist him in his pursuit of Veronica, even though we all know how much she wants him for herself.

Another possibility is that Archie and Betty are already in a relationship, but then Veronica starts batting her eyelashes at Archie and causes friction between the couple.

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Here they arrive at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in L. She co-starred as part of a bikini-clad group of college women who head south for a crazy trip.Her co-stars (second from the left to right): Ashley Benson, Rachel Korine and fellow ex-Disney star Vanessa Hudgens.Selena Gomez (right) is best friends with Taylor Swift, though there have been reports that Swift is none too pleased that Gomez is hanging out with her ex, Justin Bieber. Please stay true to yourself,' Selena Gomez told the crowd at the first We Day California in March 2014.Usually, the hero would spend the story chasing Veronica only to realize that Betty was The One — complete with a convenient "appreciate what you've got" or True Beauty Is on the Inside Aesop.(In extreme but fairly frequent cases, he would learn that Veronica was in fact his illegitimate half-sister.) A Proud Beauty Veronica often discovered, in the end, that she set her standards too high or overestimated how long her beauty would last, and finds herself an Old Maid.