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Sulu) essays the role of a beautiful, enthusiastic and happy-go-lucky Mumbai housewife whose routine life changes when she unexpectedly lands herself with the ...

See full summary ยป Prem and Raja are twin brothers who are seperated at birth but are uniquely connected to eachother via their reflexes.

He led until 2014 the R&D as well as Laboratory Operations of Sysmex Inostics.

Before that he co-founded Inostics together with Indivumed as well as colleagues from The Johns Hopkins University and was the Managing Director of Inostics from 2008 to 2013.

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This is his first foray into Hindi-language cinema. The trouble with this mildly engaging film, with a solid supporting cast, is that it is far too long.Sharma is serviceable as a young Punjabi munda, making eyes at a blushing Sargi (Dutta). Post interval, it slows down and begins to grate, even when the in-awe-of-the-'firangi'-hero comes to his own proud 'desi' roots. With his second outing in the movies, Kapil Sharma wants to desperately drive home a point that he has no interest in milking his comic talent in the movies.The setting, meant to be the 1920s, is all created on set, but you do initially manage to ignore the carefully crafted mud huts, because the language spoken is real, the gidda is homespun; as are the costumes. While it's a ballsy move for a successful comedian to explore other genres, the question is, are his fans ready for it and can he do it convincingly?Not really, when he wears one expression (lack of interest) on his face, throughout the film.On the whole, due to its weak script and lack of comedy FIRANGI fails to leave a lasting impression.