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16 Sep

Reply Difficult to accept that a business as this one, that advertised constantly about their top of the line service, would have such a poor service toward clients.Corporate Office should not have their phone as it has it right now, misleading the public into believing that there is a chance that a client CAN reach the Public Relations Office.Your closet store from Corpus is 157miles away in Phar, TX or, Houston (31/2 hours away).

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Reply My dogs love eating dogs biscuit from Kirkland brand name I am from NJ we have a a bunch of Costco store I did call almost every store and NOBODY, NOBODY knows when this products will be available again.It looks like it could be anything and I have to say it feels firm like it could be a popcorn kettle (but probably not, just trying to describe what it looks like).Anyways Kirk and children’s vitamins like all other vitamins like all other Kirkland merchandise should be checked and maybe considerably recalled.Their major competitors are Sam’s Club and BJ’s wholesale.Besides the US, Costco has locations in Canada, Australia, the UK, Mexico, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan.