High school student dating teacher

26 Oct

That student was also seeing a 25-year-old man named Brian Joseph Ortiz at the same time.

Ortiz threatened to expose Sutton to the media for violating the improper relationship law, whereupon Sutton resigned from the police force.

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Now that district employee is trying to get her name cleared, which is not as easy as it was even 15 years ago.In fact, it’s well-nigh impossible.“Expungement or sealing is really not a very good remedy,” De Guerin says. What it can do is order the police department, the sheriff’s office, the FBI, the DPS, the county clerk or DA’s office—whoever has the records—to expunge their files.But it can’t order Google to expunge its search engine. There are search engines out there that make it a practice to check official filings on a daily or even hourly basis and then put them out there.I suspect the percentage actually is significantly higher, since news accounts don’t always reveal when social media was a factor in these interactions. “I think these cases are happening more often because now teachers and students have this forum where they can meet,” he says.“My client met his complaining witness on Grindr, a place gay men go to hook up.