Help consolidating my debt

30 Apr

To get approval for a Closed School Loan Discharge, you have to be able to prove that you were attending the school (actively enrolled as a student, taking courses, or on some sort of break, but still pursuing your higher education credentials) at the time that the school shut down.It’s not that difficult a process, however, as all it requires is getting transcripts from the school you attended, and submitting those to whoever services your loans.Your first call is free, and you’ll only be charged if you end up signing up for one of their services.Call the Private Student Loan Relief Helpline now at 1-866-530-9946.With that said, major reforms remain pure speculation at this point, so let’s focus instead on the here and now, and let’s explore the private student loan forgiveness benefits programs currently available today.Now, while I’m going to explain each of these programs in detail, you do need to keep in mind that there are thousands of scam artists floating around trying to take advantage of people pursuing these benefits.However, if you’ve never been involved in this sort of stuff, have no real aptitude for it, and are concerned that you may screw up your application, then I’d highly recommend hiring an outside expert to help you get your information put together and submitted.And again, my favorite people to help with this kind of stuff are the Private Student Loan Relief Helpline, who you can reach by calling 1-866-530-9946.

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If you attended De Vry during the covered period, then you should have received a letter from the school notifying you of your eligibility for the benefit.Read my page about the Borrower’s Defense to Repayment process for additional details on how this excellent program works.But do keep in mind that it can take literally years to hear back about your application, so it’s important that you don’t screw it up on your first attempt, and you’ll want to pay someone like the Helpline for assistance to increase the odds of receiving an approval.To get your Borrower’s Defense Against Repayment application approved, all you need to do is prove that your school or lender lied to you in some way, like via false advertising or making deceptive claims, promising a certain job title, salary, or other expectation of some sort, or doing something else that violated State or Federal law, and which was instrumental in convincing you that it was a good idea to borrow that money in the first place.Again, Borrower’s Defense to Repayment discharges involve a complicated process, but one that you can complete entirely by yourself, and which people with a background in research, writing and especially law will probably want to do on their own.