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11 Jun

Yasumitsu Ueshiro of "Forest Cafe Junon" selected the restaurant's authentic Thai curry and original curry as a must-try exquisite dish.Aside from that, they also have [Kurukuma Special (1,570 JPY)], an assortment of chicken, beef and pork in 3 curry varieties.The essential herbs that they use for Thai cuisine are harvested from the restaurant-owned herb garden, so you can surely enjoy a generous serving of it in every dish you order.Another must-try is the [Tom Yum Goong (1,250 JPY)], a hot and sour Thai soup with assorted seafoods and fresh herbs. pm)Closed: None Average price: [Dinner] 2,000 JPY /[Lunch] 1,000 JPYAddress: 1190, Aza Chinen, Chinen, Nanjo-shi, Okinawa Source: hitosara(Japanese)Serving authentic Italian cuisine, Trattoria Lamp is standing in a good location a few minutes away by foot from the Prefectural Office Station on Yui Rail (Okinawa Urban Monorail).Enjoy every piece of sushi to your heart's content!Open: [Weekdays, Saturday, National Holiday, Day before National Holidays] pm - am (L. pm)Closed: Sunday Average price: 10,000 JPYAddress: 3-1-1, Wakasa, Naha-shi, Okinawa Source: hitosara (Japanese)Mahae features Kaiseki cuisine (Japanese banquet cuisine with alcohol) made with generous servings of seasonal ingredients.Agenda Item 2: Science and Technology Cooperation with African Countries and Other Developing Countries We will discuss promotion of capacity building based on the needs of developing countries.We will also consider the appropriate modality of science and technology cooperation and the mechanism to identify their needs, mainly in the fields of biodiversity, sustainable supply of water, food and energy, and infectious disease. We use a fuel cell hybrid bus for transportation Ministers/delegation heads to BANKOKU SHINRYOKAN, as a environment-friendly means of transportation.

However, for meat lovers, [Kobe Beef Steak (1,800 JPY plus tax)] is the best dish to order. pm)Closed: Sunday (will close consecutively on Sunday and Monday if national holiday falls on a Monday)Average price: 5,000 JPYAddress: B1F, Hotel Maruki, 3-20-5, Kumoji, Naha-shi, Okinawa More Details Known for their Edomae style sushi that showcase the skill of their sushi chefs, Isuke is reviewed by Yoshinobu Tobaru of ""Shunsen Ryori Arata"" as the best place to go to when dining with loved ones.Regarding questions for each rental car company, please directly contact them.To discuss the enhancement of the science and technology cooperation to solve the global issues, etc, prior to G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit, the G8 Science and Technology Ministers' Meeting will be held on June 15th, 2008 in Okinawa Bankoku Shinryokan.Have a bite and you will surely admire the fine, clear taste of the fish which is only possible through careful work.Aside from that, they also have usual nigiri zushi pieces such as [Anago] (made with saltwater eels) and [Tamago] (made with Japanese omelette).