Nigerian sexy cam

05 Feb

As in looking for an "honest" and "sincere" person not into games. (sometimes real people might do this, but the scammers have at least one or more of the above traits in addition) 9.) The men are using the "cheating ex" thing more and more these days just like the make believe females. 14.) I am finding more these days that some want to go straight to phone texting.

Here are things I would like to add to look out for that I have found coming from scammers.

5) they chat with you, send love letters (stolen from elsewhere and easily googled), sometimes send little gifts, purchased with stolen CC 6) they talk to you on the phone and sound bloody African, but you think it's a sexy "Italian" accent.

7) women send you nude pictures, you can bet they are stolen from porn sites 8) often, they propose you marriage or promise to marry you 9) they even send you "documents": bad photoshopped passports and stuff 10) you are hooked, you are in love I know this is discussed to death, but it can't hurt having more lists that those with experiences with scammers can add more.

More signs you might be talking to a scammer can be found here: ...

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