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29 Nov

Lambert cleared his throat and looked at the retired criminalist.

We found your DNA among the evidence too, the detective told him.

Hough headed for a secluded spot underneath a bridge that ran alongside the north end of the beach.

“I was in the habit of shining my flashlight over the beach to see if cans or anything else was in range of the light,” he would later recount.

identified on a vaginal swab, the police alleged in search-warrant affidavits that describe the SDPD investigation, including the January 9 visit to his house.

This revelation was the latest development in a decades-long investigation involving hundreds of law-enforcement officers, from local cops to FBI agents.

on wood brought Kevin Brown to his front door on the morning of January 9, 2014.

The uniformed detectives standing on his doorstep introduced themselves as Michael Lambert and Lori Adams of the San Diego Police Department.