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17 Jan

Adam actually wrote that before he met me at the Zodiac Mindwarp gig in April 2010.

That night he told me I have a song about you and your granddad, and I was ”˜oh my god! So we had a chat and we didn’t speak for a while, it was really surreal because I had no idea he was going to be there.

Me and the girls have played 50/60 gigs now with Adam.

If you are a regular at the extraordinary gigs from the revived Adam Ant then you can’t have missed the support act, Georgie Girl And Her Poussez Posse.

Like a punky burlesque, the band are a female version of Adam’s show- full of the sex, style and subversion that is key to Adam and ultimately the late Malcolm Mclaren’s vision of punk.

We also do some covers like from seventies punk band Penetration, Alice Cooper and one of Adam’s songs.

Does that cause confusion in your head playing two distinct roles on the same stage? When I go onstage with Adam that’s a different character that I am playing.