The unofficial guide to dating again

28 Jan

The Taung Pyone Nat Pwe does that by celebrating two of them – brothers Min Gyi and Min Lay.

It’s believed they were executed for failing to provide a brick each for the Taung Pyone pagoda, leaving gaps in the walls.

One guy’s attempt fails (apparently getting squiffy on Burmese beer before claiming to be embodied is a no-no).

He looks on despondently as a trans woman goes next.

Worshipped across the country, there are 37 in total and they have a little more cheek – and more vices – than the Buddhas.

Most nats, so tradition goes, have met a violent death, and when they revisit earth, they must be kept happy.

Inside I can hardly see a thing – nor can my Go-Pro which conks out under the heat.

It takes place in the main temple, which gets uncomfortably packed.

As well as money, scents and stifling heat in the air, there’s love.

Whether with love for a new partner, or simply gratitude for the new experiences, it’s not just the nat-kadaws who leave richer.

Cash offerings must be a minimum of 10,000 kyat (£5).

Anything less will be thrown back at the offerer with mock disdain.