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08 Oct

As far as we know, no one assumed the last name of Amdur while still living in Indua.

That would have defeated the purpose of distinguishing one from the other.

The Russian law mandating the adoption of fixed surnames was enacted in 1809.

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We assume that all those whose names are Amdur, Amdursky and Amdurer descent from someone who lived in Indura just prior to the adoption of family names.

Rather, they only took the name when they had left Indura for some other place.

We have used a variety of archival documents in our research, including the 1755 Polish census of the Jews of Indura, a 1784 Braslav Jewish census, many other censuses and other 19th century documents such as Rabbi, tax, voter and conscription lists.

They wrote the name Indura as aleph, mem, daleth, resh and pronounced it Amdur.

Most Jews of Eastern Europe did not have hereditary family names until required by law to adopt them.