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21 Jan

Looking sophisticated in a sailor style ensemble - opting for a black Prada jacket and a black and white striped midi skirt - at one point the princess shielded her eyes from the glaring sun with her Prada sunglasses.A day later, as she hosted a garden exhibition in Copenhagen, the princess briefly closed her eyes and put her hand to her head.She looked as chic as ever but Crown Princess Mary appeared a little weary at times as she completed two days of royal duties in Denmark recently.The 45-year-old Australian-born princess joined the Crown Prince Naruhito of Japan for a boat trip on his last day in the country on June 20.Meanwhile, 6Wing is furious that his wife was dragged into the controversy.The rapper defended his wife, saying that he was aware of her previous relationship with K-Chek and pointing a finger at the latter for allegedly broadcasting the intimate details of their relationship just to court publicity.Loved and trusted K-Chek, she took intimate photos with him and admitted she had a sexual relationship with him at the school age of 16.

However, Lin chose not to speculate, maintaining that she has zero contact with her former flame.

Pictures will be taken for each relationship.” Shiga is thankful to have her family and company’s support and understanding.

In the future, she will concentrate on her work and will protect her personal photos.

On Tuesday, a teary-eyed Lin had a press conference and admitted that she took the pictures with K-Chek, who was her ex-boyfriend during her high school years.

She revealed that K-Chek was a friend of her classmate and they dated for a year before breaking up over personality differences.