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15 Sep

And so there is another lawyer of maybe trying to go undetected; whether that is by him or someone else, we just do not know."Those who live in this area say they will be leaving their porch lights on at night until Flewelling is found.Anyone with information is asked to call the Mason Oceana County 911 Center at 231-869-5858.The store is open again, but the long-time owner still hasn't been heard from since late Sunday night."We need to find him," said friend Randy Wolf."We need to know where he is." Wolf and other friends of 47-year-old Flewelling are worried.Methodology The Guided Learning Approach has several impacts on capacity building due to its practical methodological approach: Through Guided Learning Approach training, communities will be capable to carry out many activities and directly solve problems without external support in terms of finance and materials.For example, a community can improve the drainage of a water point – any community can do that, or better cleaning of school latrines for which external support is not required.

To support these actors to become better in providing assistance a special problem based learning approach was developed to establish possible risks and to identify solutions with the communities.

This approach, initially developed for the water and sanitation sector, is called Guided Learning Approach (GLA), which also encompasses interventions in water resources management and landscape services. Objective of Guided Learning Approach The guided self-learning approach is set out to help staff from different organizations to better support the delivery of sustainable water supply, sanitation and landscape services.

It aims at building on and expanding their capacity in a very practical way of learning in teams in their place of work.

- A 27-year-old Mason County man is facing attempted murder charges after police say he broke into his ex-wife's home over the weekend. She told investigators the break-in happened around 5 a.m.

5, the homeowner walked into the Mason County Sheriff's department to report the crime.