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The overall thickness of the combined newspaper layers was between 10mm (base) and 20mm (side). The carton box, and its contents were identical to that described in the previous posting.

The only difference between this and previous experiments was a slightly higher external temperature of 23C. In addition I also repeated the experiment with 2 layers of aluminium foil to provide a reflective barrier either side of the 12 layers of newspapers. The insulation properties of 12 layers of paper are not surprisingly better than the carton box alone, but slightly worse than the multifoil.

On the contrary, the inner layers could well reduce the insulating properties of the foil.

Since aluminium is such a good conductor the inner layers will conduct the heat away to the nearest cold junction (a compressed edge, a join or hole) rather than reflect it back 'through' the first layer.

For those who are still not convinced the data is linearised in fig6a by plotting log(T-Te).

The slope of the multifoil and the newspaper foil are, within experimental error, identical.

However, by placing one layer of aluminium foil on the inside and another on the outside of the newspaper, the insulation properties were identical to the multifoil material.

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This follows a suggestion by Tony in the green building forum.12 layers of old newspaper were lightly crumpled and sealed together with tape and then used to encase a carton box.

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Comparison of Celotex insulation material vs superquilt 14 multifoil insulation at heat retention.

Experimental data shows that the traditional foam based insulation is twice as superior to the new multifoil despite claims to the contrary.