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02 Jul

The company has been a licensed reseller of the American network pioneer Cisco System.

Newsbook Limited uses these innovative broadband network technologies and multimedia applications in the operations of Internet Exchange.

Our hybrid cloud will help you easily overcome the challenges of cloud management such as complex platforms, confusing billing and lack of specialized talent.

Simply choose where you want to run your applications, and we'll handle the rest.

Our mission is to serve our clients in such a fashion that they become our raving fans.

Founded in 1998, Newsbook Limited is an Internet service provider with full ISP license from Hong Kong government.

Since 1998, Sterling Communications has been introducing leading-edge technology innovations that help make businesses more productive.

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BDC offers secure data center services such as closed rack space, secure suite space and managed services to support your requirements.

Now with Advanced Cloud Services in our portfolio, we can assist with every aspect of your business communication needs.

We even have an offering that will make your internet access bullet-proof.

Learn More Whether you need one cloud or hundreds, start with the end in mind in our enterprise cloud environment.

Compliance, security, performance, and supporting future business growth are not optional.