Updating nissan navigation system

22 Sep

Even if all those possible scenarios happen, we're guessing the total number of vehicles sold with the new powertrain still won't get to 10,000 units, and that assumes the price is extremely competitive.No doubt having the Cummins name on the side of the truck (and Nissan would do well to make that name as big as possible wherever it's put) will get non-Nissan buyers to take a look at the truck.So, it is my understanding that during the 60-day free trial (and later, with a XM subscription), live traffic data might also be fed into the Navigation system. [UPDATE 4/11/2017] Well, as it turns out, apparently the TAUs are different between the Bose version and the non-Bose version vehicles, as there was no XM antenna port to plug the antenna into (nor was there even a punch-out in the steel housing for said port). During that time period Cummins was doing a pretty good job of updating and improving the existing ISB Cummins, already hugely popular with the heavy-duty Dodge/Ram crowd.The result was that the ISV5.0 didn't have a home, until the CEO of Ram Truck was hired away by Nissan, and something dramatic needed to be done to the next-generation Titan to capture some credibility in a tightly competitive segment.It does have a strong internal magnet, and it turns out that the narrow panel just ahead of the aluminum decklid is made of steel and might be one location to consider. Personally, I think I would adhere it near one of the rollbars, as it would blend in better or perhaps tuck it into the plastic spoiler/CHMSL assembly.

If my theory is correct, after the antenna installation, the CMU should recognize the XM capability and it would be added as an audio source.

Unfortunately, by the time engine development got to a point where decisions had to be made, the economy, fuel prices and new-truck buyers' priorities were shifting.

Putting the 5.0-liter V-8 turbo-diesel — although well into the testing phase — in the redesigned 20 (we remember seeing EPA stickers that identified the engine on a few prototype test trucks at a press event) was killed, especially when Fiat entered the picture.

Also, removal of the trim (and reinstalling) was pretty straight forward following the directions below and isn’t as big a job as it seems on paper.

Had the XM jack been there, I would have been able to plug it in after steps 1 & 2 (without removal of the TAU).