Computer dating sophisticated

04 Feb

It took scientists a week to teach Watson how to read medical literature.

In the second week, it read every paper published on cancer, some 25 million.

I have to say that in the half century that I have followed the technology industry, I have never seen the principals, gurus, and visionaries so excited about a major new trend like AI. After developing software for a year or two, they are sold on to major technology firms at huge premiums.

This article illustrates the relationship between complexity and computer control, and various safety problems and errors that have been reported, and describes studies that address the issue of these modern techniques and whether their complexity does, in fact, result in more errors or safety-related problems.

Clinical implications of these results are discussed, as are some of the ways in which the field should respond to the ongoing concerns about errors and complexity in radiation therapy.

This is being done with human volunteers in clinical trials Expect this procedure to go retail and be made available to you in about five years.

And by that I mean cheap, locally available, and covered by your health insurance policy.