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08 May

And – as we saw in the story you just read – are the Armed Forces encouraging “in-house romances” and “in-service marriages” by giving various incentives like “spouse posting policy” etc…?

In the context of the Defence Services – Army, Navy and Air Force – what do you think…? Is it a good idea to encourage “in-house” romance and promote “military marriages” between male and female officers within the same service…? Should romantic fraternization and military marriages between “brother officers” and “sister officers” be discouraged in the Defence Services…? Stealing the affections of a brother officer’s wife is taboo.

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“That is not possible,” we said, “You have just spend 6 months here and the normal tenure is 3 years.” “I know, Sir,” she said, “but they want to move me out to accommodate my course-mate who has married a Naval Officer. They want to move her to Mumbai along with him so they can be together. While trying to favour one Lady Naval Officer for marrying a Navy Officer within the service – you cannot victimize another Lady Officer just because she did not marry a Naval Officer,” I said.Once “A” left the Navy after 7 years to search for a job – she would be at a professional disadvantage as compared to her “Techie” counterparts – who were gaining valuable relevant experience and domain expertise doing Technical Jobs in the Industry.We found “A” to be an outstanding officer – and whatever her duties – she performed them cheerfully with efficiency, diligence, sincerity and competence.Later – after my retirement – I met many young girls who had joined the defence services – and I realized that marriage was indeed a dilemma for a girl serving in the army, navy or air force.If she married a fellow officer in uniform from within her own service it was fine – and it was the best thing to do.