Dating and personality disorders

14 Sep

Remember if someone appears too good to be true, your observation is probably right.

A match with genuine intent and healthy boundaries knows true love takes time to discover.

A perpetrator can guess a lot about a person’s character through written words and even photographs.

A typical approach of the pathological is to overwhelm a codependent date with intensity and attention, so the person ignores red flags.When you ask a tough question, they will change the subject or give a vague response. People can have self-involved narcissistic personality features or a highly dramatic presentation.The difference is that the person is capable of feeling remorse for being insensitive or mean.The essential features of dependent personality disorder are a constant demand for attention, lack of self-confidence or the ability to function independently.The dependent personality dreads making decisions, acting autonomously, and lacks follow through on goals. The dependent will do anything to avoid responsibility for his or her self.