Quizes for dating

05 Feb

Follow these groups and and review the daily comments and freetime offers. Or simply post your introduction and request for getting know nice people on the wall of the group.You can be sure to get fast answers and PMs in your mailbox. Erasmus and university sites and communities to connect friendly, young people.More information : On every last Sunday of the month, the passionate paperfalter meet in leisure time at Duisburger Straße 14 in Wilmersdorf.More information at Rainer Caspary, [email protected] under Check out the following examples: Toytown Berlin Young English Speakers, International Friends Berlin.If you come from abroad, you can invoke specialized groups for your country as well enabling to stay in touch with some compatriots.

Facebook account, and already on your first day in the new city you can meet up local inhabitants.Regardless of how long you already live in the capital, there is always much to discover.Even if you have been living for long time here or maybe you still want to meet new people as there is a constant change in the consistency of local inhabitants.Test your knowledge in popular quizes at the following bars and meet new people: Schmittz, Fosca, Dicker Wirt, Oscar Wilde Pub, Celtic Cottage, The Harp.The business plan contest Berlin-Brandenburg, Germany’s largest regional business plan competition, offers free seminars, workshops, individual feedback and networking opportunities.