Chat with futanaris

12 Jan

Katerina had still managed to find relief every night by jerking off in the shower while the other maids got ready for bed around her, occasionally catching glimpses of their naked forms through the gap in the curtain as they walked past. Her Mistress had worked her so hard, she had fallen asleep instantly every night after work.

She hadn't even had the energy to masturbate and woke every morning with aching balls and a throbbing erection-but no time to take care of it before her duties began..the other maids awoke to see the tent in the sheets.

Immediately, Katerina felt it began to pulse around the very base of her cock.

"Now, this kind of stimulation is designed to arouse the penis very, very slowly, avoiding the more sensitive areas of the penis, such as the glans," she tugged on the ribbon holding back Katerina's foreskin so that her cock bobbed where it hung.

But the principle will work anyway with this thicker, longer one." Avery ran a cord down from the tube to a battery pack that rested on the bottom shelf of the tea trolley and plugged it in.

Avery was wearing gardenia perfume and lightly touched Katerina's shoulder as she continued her speech.

"I was so pleased to be invited by Miss Strong," she gestured to Katerina's Mistress, "And to get to work with this unique subject.

I would often test the medications on men in my office and this was the start," she said with a wink. "I started my own company last year using the techniques and products I had begun developing while in the medical industry with customers like you in mind." "When working with my own subservients, I started to want to be able to extend the ejaculation abilities of these men both concerning the volume produced and the time it took to do it.

Katerina, if you would come here," the young woman gestured to the tea tray and Katerina's stomach lurched as she tottered over in her heels to face the crowded parlor.