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02 Jul

The lady who was assigned to me to assist with her crew was a blessing in herself.

Toni, from Rainbow International knew my home, and was devastated to see that it was so badly damaged.

The firefighters were amazing in their efforts to save our structure. I literally had a Suburban sized car load of clothing in my vehicle that night for my family from our friends.

The firemen attempted to save our dogs, and worked on Rusty, our beagle, for 15 minutes with CPR and a dog mask. Over the next few days, we continued to feel this complete enveloping of love.

With individual braking for each rear wheel, Bill was able to drive the car straight with the front end in the air for the length of the track. Darts, three were stock bodied and the fourth was a funny car body.

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The car was powered by an injected 426 Hemi coupled to a HURST 4-speed shifter with the engine resting over the rear end.The heat, soot, water and flames took out most of our belongings, 99% of all of our clothing, and worst of all – o First off, the fire started about half an hour after my husband and youngest two children left the home to meet me and my oldest son at a robotics competition. I got the call from the neighbors and we arrived back home about 45 minutes later.The fire was out by the time we got home, so we were spared watching it burn.To nominate a person for the International Drag Racing Hall of Fame, please send a biography of the person and “why you think they should be selected for the International Drag Racing Hall of Fame” to the selectors.Bill Shrewsberry may be best remembered as “Wild Bill”, driver of the L. Dart wheel standing Dodge Dart, but before stepping into that seat, he drove a series of Funny Cars for Mickey Thompson, Jack Chrisman and other such distinguished owners.